Northeast Mississippi Community College (NEMCC)Boulevard Improvements
Owner: Northeast Mississippi Community College, Booneville, MS
Role: Primary Design Engineer
Lead Engineer: Kenneth P. Geno, Jr., PE
Initiation Date: 2015
Completion Date: Under Construction 

Northeast Mississippi Community College (NEMCC) selected Cook Coggin Engineers, Inc. to perform all of the design for the recently bid College Boulevard Improvements project. The project consists of upgrading the Colleges appearance and safety by updating and installing all ADA compliant pedestrian infrastructure along the Cunningham Boulevard, MS Highway 145 and Coach Billy Ward Drive located adjacent to the NEMCC campus and Tiger Stadium. In addition to upgrading the pedestrian travel ways, the project also include the installation of lighting to help create a safer pedestrian travel way and the installation of landscape items to help delineate pedestrian designated areas.

Bids for this project yielded a construction amount of $1.5 million dollar infrastructure improvement project.

Sevices Included:

  • Final right-of-way roadway plans
  • Construction roadway plans
  • Design and review services
  • Capacity and traffic analyses
  • Environmental services/studies and reporting
  • Surveying services
  • Right-of-way maps and deeds
  • Hydraulic design
  • Design of erosion control plans
  • Permanent signing plans and details
  • Roadway lighting plans
  • Geotechnical investigations reporting, and testing
  • Plan quality control reviews
  • Constructability reviews
  • Site development design related services




Crossroads Recreational Park Expansion - 2016 Design Merit Award Winner  

Aerial - Night View of Park Expansion

Owner: Alcorn County Board of Supervisors/ City of Corinth, MS
Role: Primary Design Engineer
Lead Engineer: Kenneth P. Geno, Jr., PE
Initiation Date: 2013
Completion Date: 2016

Construction Photo

Cook Coggin Engineers, Inc. provided the site development, design and construction engineering services to the Alcorn County Board of Supervisors for the expansion of Crossroads Park in Corinth, MS. Bids were received for this project on May 14, 2015 and the low bidder was awarded at an approximate construction cost of $4,875,000.  The notice to proceed was issued for August 10, 2015 and the project was completed in August 2016.

In the fall of 2016, this project was awarded the Hayward "Bo" Phillips Design Award of Merit by the MS Recreation & Parks Association for the expansion project.

Engineering Services for the Project Include:

  • Preliminary engineering and design
  • Construction engineering
  • Surveying
  • Testing
  • Contract Administration
  • Widening of Clark Street
  • Five new ball fields
  • Five new soccer fields
  • Parking lot improvements
  • Two new restroom facilities
  • Tennis court rehabilitation
  • Lighting for new & rehabilitated areas
  • Drainage/Storm Drainage Improvements
  • Sewer Improvement
  • Water Improvements




Toyota Autobody Boulevard DECD-0041(43)B Phase A & Phase B 

Owner: Lee County Board of Supervisors / City of Baldwyn, MS
Role: Primary Design Engineer
Lead Engineer: Kenneth P. "Kent" Geno, Jr.
Initiation Date: 2007
Completion Date: 2011

Construction of Toyota Autobody Boulevard, Baldwyn, MS

In October of 2007, Cook Coggin Engineers, Inc. began working with Lee County in the planning and design of a four-lane, east-west bound boulevard connector from the Toyota Autobody site to the intersection of US Hwy 45. In addition to this connector, CCE facilitated the planning and design for the relocation of a portion of Pratts Road east of US Hwy 45 so that Pratts Road would become tied into the proposed intersection of US Hwy 45 and the boulevard connector. The distance of the boulevard connector to Hwy 45 is approximately 2,875 feet of roadwork and the relocation of Pratts Road consisted of approximately 1,900 feet removal/abandonment of Pratts Road.

The project was divided in to two Phases. Phase A was completed in the fall of 2009. Phase B began in August of 2009 and construction was completed in the summer of 2011.  The design of the boulevard included a separate left turn lane, while Pratts Road has a single through/left turn lane.  The southbound US Hwy 45 approach has a 635 foot median left turn lane.  The boulevard right turning roadway has a 1,800 foot acceleration lane along the outside southbound US Hwy 45 lanes while the boulevard left turn lane has a 1,800 foot acceleration lane pm the median side of the northbound US Hwy 45 lane.

 The combined construction cost for both phases was $2.75 million.




Three Rivers Solid Waste Management Authority
Owner: Three Rivers Solid Waste Management Authority
Role: Environmental Coordination/ Permitting 
Lead Environmental Coordinator: Jimmy Spencer, RPG
Initiation Date: 2005
Completion Date: Ongoing Work

Three Rivers Solid Waste Management

Three Rivers Solid Waste Management Authority was organized as a solution to the pressing problem of solid waste disposal in the region and is composed of counties and cities located within the Three Rivers District.  The Authority includes Calhoun, Itawamba, Lafayette, Lee, Monroe, Pontotoc, and Union counties in northeast Mississippi.  CCE has provided the Authority with engineering and environmental services for over 20 years.  These services have included the development and maintenance of the Three Rivers Solid Waste Management Plan in compliance with the criteria established by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  This management plan provides a comprehensive overview of the numerous solid waste facilities and solid waste management programs across the 3,876 square mile area.


CCE provides the annual reporting for the Authority including Title V Semi-Annual & Annual Certification Reports, and the Title V Annual Emissions Inventory Calculation and Fee Assessment Report.  These reports include LandGEM modeling to estimate emission rates generated from the landfill.  In addition, CCE develops an annual landfill report that addresses the estimated remaining capacity of the landfill, estimated remaining life of the landfill, and estimated closure costs of the landfill.

The CCE team also provided planning, design & construction engineering for cell design, gas recovery, access roadway design, leachate storage, convenience area improvements and the design of a gas to electricity generator project.




Kimberly Clark Access Road DECD-0002(29)B
Owner: Alcorn County Board of Supervisors
Role: Primary Deisgn Engineer 
Lead Engineer: Kenneth P. "Kent" Geno, Jr.
Initiation Date: 2002
Completion Date: 2011

Farmington Intersection, Kimberly Clark Access Road, Farmington, MS

 Cook Coggin Engineers, Inc. designed the Kimberly-Clark Access Road, a $12.4 million project of 4.9 miles of newly constructed roadway planned to provide a more adept route from U.S. Highway 72 to the Kimberly-Clark plant located on Kendrick Road in Corinth, Miss. The project reduced commercial traffic on noncommercial routes and has aided in the economic and industrial growth for the Town of Farmington, the City of Corinth and of Alcorn County as a whole.

Kimberly Clark Access Road Construction, Alcorn County, MS

The route consists of five intersections, including one creating a new intersection in the heart of the Town of Farmington. A bridge was constructed at each of the two railroad crossings—Redmont Railway & Norfolk Southern Railway—along the route, allowing the route to cross over the tracks. The construction of two cattle passes at specific locations on each side of the roadway was also incorporated into the project to prevent disruption of the livestock populating the landscape. Finally, relocations for water and gas lines were designed for these utilities affected by the project’s layout and construction.

This new route was developed in an effort to reduce commercial traffic on the business streets and county roads caused by the 1,500 monthly industrial shipments to and from the Kimberly-Clark plant.

Bridge over Norfolk Southern Railroad, Kimberly Clark Access Road, Alcorn County, MS

The Alcorn County Board of Supervisors was awarded approximately $11.25 million in grant money from the Mississippi Development Authority for this road project.




Ripley Recreational Complex 

Owner: City of Ripley
Role: Primary Design Engineer
Lead Engineer: Kenneth P. "Kent" Geno, Jr., PE
Initiation Date: 2011
Completion Date: 2013

 Cook Coggin Engineers, Inc. provided site development, design and construction engineering services to the City of Ripley for its new recreational complex. Bids were received for this project on March 29, 2012.  The project was awarded to the low bidder and a Notice to Proceed was issued for June 4, 2012.  Construction was completed in April of 2013  Total construction costs for the construction of the recreational complex were approximately $4 million.


Scope of Engineering Services Included:

  • Preliminary engineering and design
  • Construction engineering
  • Surveying
  • Testing
  • Contract Administration
  • New access road to recreational complex
  • Ten new ball fields
  • Two new soccer fields
  • New Parking Lots
  • New maintenance building, concession stand, restrooms, dug outs & score keeper box
  • Sports lighting
  • Drainage/Storm Drainage for site
  • Water & Sewer for new complex




Downtown Sidewalk Improvements 

Owner: City of Corinth 
Role: Primary Design Engineer
Lead Engineer: James Matthew Estes
Initiation Date: 2008
Completion Date: 2009

Downtown Sidewalks, Corinth, MS

Cook Coggin Engineering, Inc. provided the preliminary planning and design engineering, and the construction engineering for Corinth’s Downtown Sidewalk Improvements project.  This project was created to provide improved sidewalk and to conform with the standards set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ADA access was provided in the nine-block downtown area and 10 intersections outside the downtown area.  Existing curb and gutter were removed in addition to the adjoining sections of sidewalk, and replaced with ADA compliant ramps, truncated dome detector plates for the sight-impaired and related cross-walk and handicapped parking striping.

Funding for the project was through an MDOT Transportation Enhancement grant, so the project planning and design was accomplished by MDOT LPA policies and standards.  The project involved the installation of 50 ADA-compliant ramps and the replacement of another 52 ADA non-compliant ramps.   In addition, 15 non-compliant driveways and approximately 2,300 square yards of substandard sidewalk were replaced.  The project was initiated in June 2009 and was completed 165 days later in December 2009.

Downtown Improvements, Corinth, MS

Construction cost for this project totaled $362,372.

Scope of services included:

  • Procurement of Funding
  • Adherence to LPA Procedures and Requirements
  • Preliminary Planning and Design
  • Construction Engineering Services
  • Testing Services
  • Surveying Services

    Downtown Sidewalk Construction, Corinth, MS




Major Thoroughfare Program
Owner: City of Tupelo
Role: Primary Design Engineer
Lead Engineer: Multiple Lead Engineers over the past 3 decades
Initiation Date: 1991
Completion Date: 2015

In 1991, Cook Coggin Engineers began a 20+ year endeavor with the City of Tupelo in the Planning and Development of the City’s Major Thoroughfare Program. Each Phase has been a five (5) year term project.  Cook Coggin provided the planning, engineering design, and construction engineering for the first two phases of the Tupelo Major Thoroughfare Program (TMTP).


Phase One of the TMTP was initiated in 1991, and involved eight street improvement projects and seven intersection improvement projects with expenditures of approximately $13 million. Phase Two of the TMTP was initiated in 1996 and involved five additional street projects with expenditures of approximately $14 million. The final project of Phase Two was a 2,600-foot section of West Main Street that was funded through the STP (Surface Transportation Program) of the Mississippi Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and was completed in November 2003.

Tupelo's Major Thoroughfare Program South Gloster Street Widening

Cook Coggin also provided the planning and budgeting for Phase Three of Tupelo’s Major Thoroughfare Program. Cook Coggin’s most recent TMTP work was the South Gloster Street Widening project which was initiated in Phase Four but the construction engineering for the project was completed during Phase Five. The project consisted of street widening with the addition of one continuous turn lane, drainage, overlay, and striping as well as all other related items of work required for completion of the project. This project had a construction cost of approximately $6.5 million dollars.  Also in TMTP Phase Five, Cook Coggin was selected to perform engineering services for the East Main Street widening project to convert 2-4 lanes of traffic into 3-5 lanes of traffic for a portion of the street extending from Veterans Blvd to Willow Road. This project was completed in August of 2013. The construction cost for this project was approximately $2.9 million.

The total construction cost for the TMTP completed projects is approximately $36 million.