Our environment is constantly being altered to meet society’s growing needs. At Cook Coggin Engineers, Inc. (CCE), we assist you by carefully analyzing specific needs and then creating solutions you can build upon.

CCE offers a full complement of services ranging from conceptual planning and permitting to construction engineering for an array of civil engineering disciplines.

At CCE, we possess a meticulous attention to detail at all levels of civil engineering, providing services that help you serve your community such as:

 CCE has the experience, expertise and manpower to facilitate comprehensive engineering services related to any civil engineering project. The firm’s provincial structure enables it to maintain a strong commitment to local communities while simultaneously providing access to exceptional engineering expertise. This involves integrating our professional team with the latest technology in a partnership that incorporates the Client’s sophistication with our professionalism in a manner where everyone prevails.





Since 1946, CCE has been providing planning & design engineering services for an array of multi-disciplinary projects, including:

  • Environmental Assessments
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Geotechnical Studies
  • Water & Wastewater Infrastructures
  • Utilities & Utility Relocations
  • Hydraulic Studies
  • Gas Expansion & Improvement
  • Airport Planning & Improvement
  • Community Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Emergency Management
  • Transportation Planning & Enhancement
  • State Aid and Municipal Road & Bridge
  • Multi-use trails
  • Site Analysis & Land Use
  • Permitting/Code Compliance
  • Recreational facilities
  • Natural Resource Planning
  • Municipal Infrastructure

Comprehensive planning solutions produce results

Planning is the first step in successfully managing and developing the environment and infrastructure. Whether it is planning for land use, utilities, water resources, transportation or environmental site assessment, Cook Coggin is well prepared to meet your needs. Our careful and multi-disciplined problem-solving techniques work for you while emphasizing cost-efficiency, safety, aesthetics, and harmony with the environment.

Focusing on practical solutions through communications

Determining our client’s goals early in the planning phase and then focusing on practical solutions are Cook Coggin’s keys to success. Throughout this process, we focus on communications at all levels. Our professionals are skilled with the public participation process, which is vital to the long-term success of major projects. Cook Coggin’s engineering staff consults regularly with our principals, senior professional engineer & design mentors, environmental coordinator and financial planning specialist to ensure a fully integrated plan.

Design excellence which enhances the environment

Cook Coggin delivers planning and design solutions that emphasize aesthetics, function and cost-effectiveness while enhancing and respecting the environment. Our experience includes site development for surface water and wastewater facilities, downtown redevelopment projects, recreational facilities, industrial and community development.





Cook Coggin Engineers, Inc. proposes to provide the necessary engineering construction and observation services. These services include the total administration of the proposed projects from the bidding process through resident construction observation and reporting.  Each of the proposed services are described below.  Depending on the complexity of the project, the project manager, along with access to a full range of CCE staffing resources, provides the Client with exemplary construction engineering and observation services. 

Detailed Engineering Plans and Construction Specifications

The development of the final construction plans and specifications will include the following:

  • Completion of any necessary additional field work for the final selected alternate
  • Verification that the proposed horizontal and vertical alignments meet local/state/federal safety guidelines
  • Development of the layout and design of the at-grade intersections along the project length
  • Development of the plans for additional structures/features required to provide satisfactory connection to abutting properties, i.e., retaining walls, fences, driveways
  • Development of the plans for utility relocations required within the project right-of-way
  • Compilation of a comprehensive list of construction materials required for the project bidding process
  • Development of a set of detailed construction engineering plans, standard/special drawings for the features of the project, and plans for the maintenance and control of traffic through the construction area
  • Development of the specifications describing each major construction item that will enable the selected contractor to complete the project satisfactorily
  • Development of the contract documents between the Client and the contractor defining the budgetary and time constraints and the quality assurances required to produce a satisfactory product.

Preparation for Bids

CCE will prepare the public announcements required to advertise the proposed project for acceptance of construction bids. Copies of the final plans and specifications will be made available to each contractor interested in preparing a bid for the project.  The Project Manager will be available to clarify any aspects of the design for the contractors as they prepare their respective bids. 

Evaluation of Bids and Contract Award

When the bidding deadline has passed, CCE will compile all of the contractor bids into a suitable tabulation by major construction item. The Project Manager will present the bid tabulations and a recommendation for contractor selection to the City so that a contractor may be selected and a contract for the proposed project may be awarded.

Pre-Construction Conference

Once the project has been awarded and a contract signed between the Client and the selected contractor, a pre-construction conference will be held. At this conference, the various aspects of the project will be reviewed by the CCE Project Manager, the design team and the contractor in the presence of the Client.   Questions regarding special materials and/or construction practices will be addressed and agreed upon before the construction is begun.

Contract Administration

CCE will administer the construction contract so that each construction item will be performed in accordance with the construction plans and specifications. Changes to the original construction contract and/or project plans/specifications that are approved by the Client will be administered by CCE.

Traffic Control Plan

CCE will develop a unique traffic control plan for each of the individual projects in accordance with the requirements of the most current edition of the MUTCD. CCE will insure that the traffic control plan as defined in the project plans/specifications is in place and completely understood by the contractor before any construction is initiated.

Resident Project Representation/ Observation

Construction will be observed by selected CCE personnel to see that the work is constructed in accordance with the contract documents. CCE project representatives will maintain daily logs of the construction work regarding the various items of construction being performed with respect to the project schedule and specifications.


All construction materials will be tested according to appropriate and approved test methodologies in CCE MDOT certified materials laboratory. Four (4) Class 3 Concrete Technicians and two (2) Level 3 Asphalt Technicians provide for a complete range of QC/QA testing as prescribed by the latest edition of the MDOT and State-Aid specifications.


Monthly reports concerning the progress of the construction will be provided to the Client as specified by the construction contracts.   Each report will provide an updated synopsis of the construction work, the estimated cost and completion date, and other information as required by the construction contract.

Contractors Monthly Pay Estimates

As the construction project advances towards completion, the contractor’s monthly pay estimates will be reviewed and recommendations for payment made.





Providing services that help you serve your community

From the complexities of the permitting processes to the intricacy of designing a waste water management facility, we provide a full spectrum of services that get the job done.

Cook Coggin understands that resolutions are achieved more effortlessly by when the community and project stakeholders are unified by open communication and mutual understanding. Funding, as we are well aware is a key element to private development projects. Necessary permitting and government approval are essential to this process as well.

Since our inception in 1946,  CCE has provided site engineering services from planning to design, surveying, permitting and construction. These services include planning and design for drainage, utilities, traffic and landscape; detailed site plans; cost estimating and construction-phase services.





CCE provides a wide range of engineering design and construction services to the municipalities of Mississippi and Southwest Tennessee. In addition to the conventional transportation and utility infrastructure projects, CCE also provides the services required for the site development activities required for the construction of city halls/administration buildings, fire stations, schools and sports complexes.  Typically, these projects involve topographic surveys from which the buildings, drainage, access roads, driveways, parking areas, and utility layouts and design may be performed.  In addition, CCE also assists the Owner in securing the necessary state and local permits required for the development of the site.

Sidewalk Improvements






In 1949, CCE had the privilege of aiding the Mississippi State Highway Department in the development of its State Aid System of Roads. CCE serves as County Engineer for 9 counties in Mississippi Department of Transportation's District 1 and also serves as project engineer for local public agency projects throughout North Mississippi. From a multi-million dollar new roadway to a bridge rehabilitation project, CCE is ready to serve its clients with exemplary engineering services, utilizing value engineering concepts to ensure the firm provides the client with all the necessary functions at the lowest possible cost, without sacrificing performance.
Since 1946, CCE has been involved in Preliminary Engineering, Funding Procurement, Planning, Design and Construction Engineering for an array of Transportation projects including:

    • New and Existing Roadways, Bridges, & Hydraulic Structures for numerous Municipalities & Counties
    • Maintenance Programs for Roadway & Bridges
    • State-Aid Road & Bridge Program Engineer for 9 Counties, including Lee County
    • Transportation Studies for Development & Improvements to New & Existing Roadways & Bridges
    • Transportation Enhancement & Beautification for Transportation Facilities
    • Pedestrian Infrastructure such as Sidewalks, Trails, and Bicycle Paths
    • Special Transportation Elements such as Lighting, Signage and Signalization
    • Drainage Improvement and Rehabilitation
    • Railroad Design, Railway Entity Coordination & Permitting
    • Environmental Surveys, Analysis, Impact Statements, & Permitting
    • Hydraulic & Hydrologic Analysis of Water Conveyances
    • Geotechnical Studies & Analysis
    • Land Acquisition & Rights-of-Way (including surveys, plats, & descriptions)
    • Road & Bridge Relocations
    • Utility Relocations for Roadway Improvements
City of Corinth Downtown Sidewalk Improvements
Lee County Board of Supervisors Toyota Autobody Boulevard, Baldwyn, MS


City of Tupelo Major Thoroughfare Program Thomas Street Widening
Alcorn County Board of Supervisors Kimberly Clark Access Road 5 Mile New Roadway





Solutions that work

 From source to storage, treatment, pumping and conveyance systems, Cook Coggin provides solutions that work. We do this by employing scientific and engineering principles. We also keep abreast of ever-changing technology developments and regulatory requirements. Since our inception, Cook Coggin has worked closely with our utility clients to meet their needs, whether it involves water, wastewater or solid waste. Our experienced team of environmental engineers has the knowledge, skills, tools, and relationships to help you accomplish your goals.

Meeting financial challenges

We know that securing financing to meet the demands of utility infrastructure growth and regulations is usually a challenge for our clients. Cook Coggin can assist you in projecting development costs, evaluating your rate structures and developing economic scenarios which may solve your financial challenges.

  • Water supply, treatment, storage, and distribution
  • Wastewater collection, transportation and treatment
  • Solid waste facilities
  • Instrumentation and control systems
  • Stormwater permitting
  • Consumer rate analyses
  • System valuation
  • Operations and management assistance






Essential to the advancement of a municipality is the wastewater collection and treatment system. CCE has been involved with the design and construction of numerous wastewater collection systems. In addition to the design/construction of new systems, CCE has also been involved with the relocation of sewer systems as related to adjacent construction projects. CCE maintains good working relationships with the appropriate divisions of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) to ensure that all of the applicable state/federal regulations and requirements are met to the satisfaction of these governing agencies.






Cook Coggin Engineers, Inc. (CCE) has been providing civil engineering services to its clients in North Mississippi since 1946. These services include the planning, design and layout of airports throughout the region. In 1948, CCE had the privilege of designing the original grass air strip for the Tupelo Municipal Airport. From $20,000,000 facilities to $150,000 asphalt rejuvenation projects, CCE is ready to serve its clients with exemplary engineering services, utilizing value engineering concepts to ensure the firm provides the client with all the necessary functions at the lowest possible cost, without sacrificing performance. For 70 years, CCE has been involved in funding procurement, planning, design and construction of an array of airport projects, including:

  •  Airport Layout Plans/Master Plans
  •  Airport Capital Improvement Plans
  •  Pre-Funding and/or Funding Applications
  •  Environmental Assessments
  •  Feasibility Studies
  •  Land Acquisition (including surveys, plats, & descriptions)
  •  Road Relocations
  •  Runway Extensions
  •  Taxiway, Apron, Loading Apron & Access Road
          (Including complete laboratory testing)
  •  Terminal Buildings & Hangars
  •  Corporate and T-hangar Building Design
  •  Automobile Parking & Access Roads
  • Utilities—Gas, Water, Wastewater & Drainage Projects
  •  Clearing & Grubbing
  •  Approach & Navigational Aids
  •  Runway Lighting & Electrical
  •  Security Systems & Fencing





A second important utility for the growth of a community may be provision of a stable supply of natural gas. CCE engineering personnel have a wide variety of experience related to the transmission, distribution and storage facilities for natural gas systems.  These personnel provide the latest in gas system design, analysis, metering, regulating and distribution. These CCE personnel have also maintained excellent working relationships with the various natural gas providers, such as Mississippi Valley Gas Company, to insure that the proposed transmission systems will provide a safe and dependable supply of natural gas. The following table provides a list of natural gas transmission/distribution projects that CCE has been involved with over the past five (5) years.




For 71 years, CCE has been involved in an array of

Planning, Permitting & Construction of Landfill projects including:

  • Site Evaluation and Design
  • Long-Term Planning for Financial Feasibility and Operations
  • Municipal Solid Waste Management Permitting
  • Regional Solid Waste Management Plan Development and Modifications
  • Air Pollution Control Title V Permitting
  • Water – NPDES Permitting
  • Water – Pretreatment Permitting
  • Construction Planning, Oversight and QA/QC
  • Baseline Storm Water General Permitting for Industrial Activities
  • Large Construction Storm Water General Permitting
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
  • Spill Prevention, Control, and Counter Measure (SPCC) Plans
  • Title V Semi-Annual Certification Reporting
  • Title V Annual Certification Reporting
  • Landfill Gas Emissions (LandGEM) Modeling
  • Annual Greenhouse Gas Modeling and Reporting
  • Particulate Matter (PM) Emissions Calculations
  • Title V Annual Emissions Inventory Calculations and Fee Assessment Reporting
  • Municipal Solid Waste Transfer Station General Permitting
  • Class I Rubbish Site General Permitting
  • Class II Rubbish Site General Permitting
  • Landfill Capacity Calculations and Optimization Consultation
  • Landfill Life Projecting Reporting
  • Closure Cost Reports
  • Closure/Post Closure Financial Modeling
  • Rubbish Site Annual Reporting
  • Regulatory Agency Coordination (Local, State & Federal)
  • Stream and Wetland Identification & Mitigation
  • Geologic Land Use & Evaluations
  • Topographic Surveys and 3D Terrain Modeling
  • Operations Plan Development


Three Rivers Solid Waste Management Landfill





CCE’s Tupelo headquarters houses a modern MDOT approved materials testing laboratory with the latest testing and measurement equipment. The technical staff strives to provide quality, timely and accurate results that will ensure both the contractor and the project owner that they are receiving the quality of material that will meet the needs of their project.

CCE Boring Rig



  • Only engineering firm in North Mississippi with an AMRL accredited laboratory.
  • Accreditation required for MDOT funded projects
  • Quality Management System Accreditation
  • Emulsified Asphalt Accreditation
  • Asphalt Mixture Accreditation
  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance certified by MDOT
  • Supervised by a Registered Professional Geologist
  • Laboratory Technicians with a combined 75 years of experience
  • 3 Certified Mix Design Technicians in Hot Mix Asphalt
  • Provides Quality Assurance Testing for Hot Mix Asphalt SuperPave & Marshall designs
  • Full-service soil, granular material, concrete & pavement testing lab
  • Modern facilities with the latest equipment








CCE survey crew in the field


Cook Coggin Engineers, Inc. (CCE) provides a complete range of surveying services designed to provide the all of the required alignment, location and terrain data for each project.

These services include the following:

  • Project Surveying
  • Automated Data Reduction
  • Plan Development
  • Right-of-Way Procurement


Included in these data are the horizontal and vertical controls for the existing alignment, the location and dimension of drainage and/or other structures within the limits of the proposed project, the location and dimension of other man-made structures within the limits of the proposed project, and the existing topography of the proposed project.